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Illuminated Products

Illuminated Product Hire

Exhibit Hire are really proud of their Illuminated Products range as it adds a new dimension to décor at Events and Exhibitions. From Hanging Globes to illuminated Circular Pots or a glowing Drink, we’ve got what you need.

If you want to stand out from the crowd but still have fully functional modern furniture, then hiring Illuminated Products could be for you. Our illuminated products are designed for all occasions, Exhibitions and Events and are available to hire for short and long term.

This superb range of illuminated hire furniture offers unlimited versatility in both furniture layout and colour – they can illuminate in 5 different colours. You can create amazing displays and partitions by using a combination of glowing cubes, bars and snakes. Our Illuminated Products can be used indoors and outdoors so are perfect for creating your indoor winter wonderland or adding some light to an outdoor summer soiree. They can complement both traditional or contemporary themes.

Hiring Illuminated furniture will ensure your guests are amazed as soon as they walk through the door. Plus, as most of our Illuminated Products are powered by LED they are an environmentally friendlier addition to your Event or Exhibition – after all we’re all striving to be a little greener.

With such a great range of Illuminated Products, you are bound to find something to help create your desired atmosphere. However, if you are looking for something specific which you haven’t been able to find in our range, please do get in contact with our team. Staying on trend and growing our latest designs is a must for Exhibit Hire so we are continuously seeking new furniture to add to our range.

Take a look at our range of Illuminated Products available to hire for your next Event or Exhibition!

  1. Backlit Graphic Panel 1M x 1M

    £72.10 (ex VAT)

    Backlit graphic panel 1M x 1M - £70 per square meter

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  2. Charger for illuminated products

    £5.15 (ex VAT)

    Chargers for cubes, snakes, cylinders, illuminated bar tables, blob furniture, chesterfield range of products, ypsilone, deb, puf and ex table.

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  3. Circular Pot 107

    £82.40 (ex VAT)

    The Circular Pot 107 is a very popular product. Cool, clean and funky this great item has been spotted at events and exhibitions all over London as well as the rest of the UK. Different illuminated colors are also available allowing you to match the Pot with the rest of the venue. Graphics can also be added to the front of the item, in order to maximize its advertising potential.

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  4. Circular Pot 83

    £46.35 (ex VAT)

    The Circular Pot 83 is a fantastic furniture hire product, either used as a oversized flower pot or a more functional table, they always look great at ether events, exhibitions or weddings. Seen all over the London area over the past few years they are quickly becoming a must have furniture hire product.

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  5. Cube 75

    £87.55 (ex VAT)

    The Cube 75 is a 75cm square cube which can be illuminated to the required specification using a combination of colours and strengths. The Cube 75 is a popular hire item for exhibition displays or as a serving table for drinks and food at corporate events.

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  6. Cube Hanging 20

    £30.90 (ex VAT)

    The Cube Hanging 20 can add a touch of real class to your exhibition or event. These overhead hanging lights are available in a standard white, but different colour options and lighting strengths are available, allowing you to customise and enhance the general mood or atmosphere of the exhibition or event space.

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  7. Cube Hanging 30

    £35.02 (ex VAT)

    The Cube Hanging 30 is a slightly larger hanging light and makes an excellent visual display. Various lighting options are available allowing you to enhance the overall general mood light within the exhibition or event space. The Cube Hanging 30 also works very well with other hanging lights within our furniture hire range including the Cube 20, 40 and 50.

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  8. Cube Hanging 40

    £43.26 (ex VAT)

    The Cube 40 is a larger hanging light which is suitable for larger events and exhibition spaces. Various lighting options are available to help create the correct environment. The Cube 40 also works well with the other hanging lights within our Furniture Hire Range. By using a mix of sizes and colours you can add a real touch of class to the event space.

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  9. Cube Hanging 50

    £53.56 (ex VAT)

    The Cube Hanging 50 is the largest of the hanging cube lights and works very well with other hanging lights within our furniture hire range. Different lighting options are also available to create different moods and atmospheres within your event or exhibition space.

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  10. Cylinder 130

    £48.41 (ex VAT)

    The Cylinder 130 is the middle size option from our illuminated cylinder range. Clean, cool and stylish the subtle glow is certain to look great at your event or exhibition. Perfect for parties and weddings alike, they really are the perfect all round furniture hire product. Accompanied by the cylinder 80 and 170 they form a beautiful glowing partnership.

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